Voiclet Review & Bonus Offer – Get In Detail(Updated 2023)

Voiclet is a revolutionary software that is used for creating video funnels to increase sales 10x. Voiclet software is used for creating leads in online marketing. With only one click and a magic video link, you can create your own high-converting video funnel. Keep reading to learn more about this software in-depth.

Voiclet Software Review
Voiclet Software Review
SellerAtlas Web Solutions
Release Date11 Dec 2022
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
RecommendedHighly Recommended

What is Voiclet software exactly?

Voiclet is a cloud base software used for creating video funnels to increase sales 10x of a business. With the help of the Voiclet software, you can build a “magical video link” that will bring users to a voice or video funnel where sales representatives are ready to close deals with ease.

The video call will begin instantly as soon as the “magic video link” is clicked, preventing leads from bouncing or being sidetracked.

If you are using Voiclet software there is no need to create funnel builders, ditch page builders, & expensive graphics tools.

You can also share your magical video funnel link in Google ads, blog, Instagram profile, Facebook ads, and more. You can also record video calls, can adjust the screen and volume of calls. Video funnels are also used for increasing sales of products and leads.

What are the features of Voiclet software?

Here we are going to show you some key features of Voiclet software check below the following.

1. Construct new voice and video sales channels

Upgrade low-converting, multi-step leaky funnels to new “speed-to-lead” video or voice funnels that help close leads much more quickly and considerably shorten the time it takes from engagement to sale.

No matter what kind of business you’re working with, create links, QR codes, and more that, when scanned or clicked, redirect to a live video call, skipping customary unnecessary steps in the funnel.

2. HD Inbound Video Calls in Crystal Clear

Using live HD video calling that is instantaneously available everywhere in the world, converts leads more quickly and simply. All of this is without the need to set up any additional software or accounts.

3. Magic Video Sales Funnel Links

Make links that, when clicked, direct the user to your voice or video funnel. When a customer clicks the link, a video conversation will immediately begin with a representative who is prepared to quickly address any questions they may have.

Any pricey, low-converting sales funnel may now be transformed into a money-making one with the addition of a single link, which will result in a 10x increase in conversions.

4. Create widgets for voice or video sales

Create unique widgets in addition to “magic video links” that visitors can click anywhere on a page to quickly and easily start an HD video call or phone contact with an agent.

Without requiring the user to register or download an app, this is a terrific way to provide live customer service and make sales.

5. OmniChannel Marketing: Get Clients Anywhere

Integrate magic video sales links that, when clicked, launch your optimized video sales funnel in Facebook ads, Google ads, Tiktok profiles, Instagram profiles, and other places.

Prospects who click them are immediately brought into a video call where they can be quickly marketed to and closed.

6. Simple Method to Gather Email and Phone Number Leads

You can choose to send leads from your magic video funnel to sites that ask for their phone number or email address before initiating a video call.

The prospect may be required to enter their email or phone number before connecting for a video or voice chat, or the call may begin immediately.

7. Create eButtons and QR-Codes

Use clever QR codes or buttons to integrate your voice or video funnel campaigns wherever you go. To quickly reach and convert offline leads, convert a video sales funnel into a QR code and insert it on business cards or marketing brochures.

How does Voiclet software work? Watch Demo Video

Watch the following video to know how Voiclet software works

Where can we use Voiclet software?

You can use Voiclet software for many purpose. Some of them are given below

  • Law Firms
  • Gyms
  • Restaurants And Venues
  • Healthcare
  • Pet Shops
  • Experts/Consultants
  • Mechanic
  • Local Bands

Voiclet Software Plans And Prices

Here we are going to show you Voiclet software plans and their prices Check below the following

1. Voiclet Advance Plan


  • Tutorials & Full Knowledgebase
  • iOS & Android Native Agent App Included
  • Capture Leads & Integrate Autoresponders
  • Get 10,000 Video Call Minutes Per Account/Client, Per Month ($0.0030 cent charge each minute after for HD video & $0.0001 for audio)
  • Advanced Call Encryption
  • Detailed Call Analytics
  • Create 500 Video Funnel Campaigns Per Account
  • Integrate 10 Agents Per Campaign
  • Create 500 Magic Video Links Per Account
  • Create 500 Embed Widgets Per Account
  • QR Code Instant Video Call Tech.
  • Answer Calls Worldwide in Full HD
  • Share Screen & Send Links
  • Get Prequalified Clients
  • Get Access to Agents to Answer Calls
  • Commercial Rights – Sell to Unlimited Clients
  • Agency Rights – Integrate 15 Clients into the App

Normal Price: $997

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Voiclet Plan Price

2. Voiclet Bundle Plan


  • Voiclet Professional
  • Voiclet VIP
  • Voiclet Platinum
  • Voiclet Voicely Special
  • Voiclet VidToon Special
  • Tutorials & Full Knowledgebase
  • Access to Voiclet Advanced
  • Access to All Upgrades of Voiclet
  • Access to All Bonuses and Licenses Available

Normal Price: $2997

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Voiclet Plan Price

Voiclet Software Bonus

We are going to describe about bonuses that will be given free to you if you access or buy Voiclet software through our page link or referral link. Check below the following

Bonus #1: Whitelabel Rights to DFY Local Video Spokespeople

You may incorporate a ton of animated video spokespeople into your own or your client’s videos.
Comes in a variety of ‘local’ specialties, such as real estate, dentistry, and more, and is unbranded and ready to be sold or used in your own promotional movies.

Bonus #2: Easy Desktop Screen Recorder

Voiclet Bonus

Simply record your desktop to quickly produce review videos, instructional videos, and more! You will get this premium screen recording app for Mac or PC to improve your videos because screen recording apps are not inexpensive.

Bonus #3: Whitelabel Rights to 800k DFY Articles

Get 800k high-quality articles and other content to sell, incorporate into client sites, or use for articles and SEO. You are receiving them as a premium bonus today, and they cost us $997 to produce.

Bonus #4: AgencyRights to Video Showcase Gallery 2.0

Voiclet Bonus

You can now create stunning video portfolios that feature your videos or videos you make for clients!
It provides a ton of possibilities with perfect functionality. You can add as many gallery items as you like, update them quickly, and organize them however you wish.

Bonus #5: VIP Agency LIVE Training

Get in-person instruction from professionals earning seven figures annually. Your spot will be held in a special training session on how to advance Voiclet and your business to the point where you can generate six figures per month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it compatible with Mac And Windows?

Yes, Voiclet software I compatible with both Mac and Windows because it is cloud-based software.

Is there any money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, If you are not satisfied with Voiclet software you can get a refund within 30 days.

Is there any need of external skills and experience?

No there is no need of any external skill or experience to run with this software. A new user can easily access this software.


Overall we conclude that Voicelet is the best video funnel-creating software. It is the best online marketing software. So we recommend you to buy this software.

Use the email and contact form provided below to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to offer any suggestions.

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