VoiceMotions Review With Bonuses And Features 2023

VoiceMotions AI is an advanced technology-based software that is used for making voices with emotions in 40+ languages. This tool creates a very stunningly and emotion-based voice that will result to increase in traffic on content. Stay with us to know more about VoiceMotion AI software in detail.

VoiceMotionsAI Review
VoiceMotionsAI Review
AgentTim Verdouw – Saaransh
Release Date06 May 2023
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
RecommendedHighly Recommended

Introduction: VoiceMotionsAI

VoiceMotionAI is a cloud-based software used for enhancing background voice with emotions, emojis, etc in a video or content of a user.

You can create 200+ voices in 40+ languages with emotion and emoji by using this software. This software also helps to increase traffic to your content.

VoiceMotionsAI is used for marketing, e-learning, and text-to-speech purpose. VoiceMotionAI can create the best quality audio within a few seconds. This software reduces the cost and other expenses of a user, so it is very helpful software.

Features: VoiceMotionsAI

A software program called VoiceMotionsAI analyzes audio recordings using artificial intelligence (AI). VoiceMotionsAI has several important features, including:

1. 200+ Voices

You can use up to 200+ Life-like AI Text-to-Speech Voices using VoiceMotionAI Software

VoiceMotionsAI Feature

2. 40+ Languages

You can create 200+ voices in 40+ different languages by using VoiceMotionAI software.

VoiceMotionsAI Feature

3. 12+ Emotions

TTS has 12+ emotions: amiable, happy, sad, furious, unamiable, whispering, yelling, afraid, and thrilled.

VoiceMotionsAI Feature

4. Dialogue-style audio generation

Multiple speakers and tones in a single audio file: dialogue-style audio generation

VoiceMotionsAI Feature

5. Create Audiobook

You can create an audiobook with neural human-sounding voices

VoiceMotionsAI Feature

What pathbreaking campaign can we create by using VoiceMotionsAI software?

Here is a list of some pathbreaking campaigns that can be created by using VoiceMotionAI software.

  • Sales Videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Social Stories
  • Podcasts
  • Educational Videos
  • YouTube Videos

VoiceMotionsAI Plans And Their Prices

The features and price of the VoiceMotionsAI software plans are given below. Check the following.

1. VoiceMotionsAI Commercial Plan


  • 200+ Lifelike AI Text-To-Speech Voices
  • 40+ Languages Supported
  • Dialogue-Style Audio Generation
  • Multiple Speakers Supported in Single Audio
  • Multiple Languages Supported in Single Audio
  • Create Audiobooks with Human-like Voices
  • Subtitles & Transcription Creation
  • Ultra-fast Text-To-Speech Creation
  • Auto Text Import
  • Commercial License
  • 12+ Emotions: friendly, cheerful, sad, angry, unfriendly, whispering, shouting, terrified, excited
  • Emotion-based A.I. Content Writer
  • Multiple Emotions Supported in Single Audio
  • Customize Pitch, delay, Speed, and Emphasis
  • Create Podcasts with Human-like Voices
  • Create Projects
  • Clone Projects
  • Export as mp3
  • Priority Support

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Regular Price $97/Yr 

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2. VoiceMotionAI Bundle Plan


  • Front End – VoiceMotions A.I. Commercial
  • Upgrade #1 – VoiceMotions A.I. Pro Unlimited
  • Upgrade #2 – VoiceMotions A.I. Revideo Edition
  • Upgrade #3 – VoiceMotions A.I. FomoClips
  • Upgrade #4 – VoiceMotions A.I. Reseller Edition
  • BONUS #1: Practical Backend Training on How to Create a 6-figure Income with VoiceMotions A.I.
  • BONUS #2: xConvert Pro App
  • BONUS #3: xSocial Pro App
  • BONUS #4: AppsBuilderPro App

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Normal Price-$502

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VoiceMotionsAI: Bonus

There are some bonuses that will be given free to you if you access or purchase a bundle plan of VoiceMotionsAI software through our page link or referral link. Check below the following

Bonus#1: 6-Figure Income (Value $997)

We’re lifting the curtain to show you how VoiceMotions A.I.’s robust capabilities can be used to generate a six-figure internet income.

You simply follow along behind us as we walk you through each step so you can “copy and paste” this procedure for your own success.

VoiceMotionsAI Bonus

Bonus #2: xConvert Pro App (Value $297)

By just copying and pasting one line of code, 14+ Sales Boosters may TRIPLE your sales and clicks on any website.

VoiceMotionsAI Bonus

Bonus #3: xSocial Pro App (Value $497)

With the use of the social media marketing tool xSocial, you can quickly and effectively schedule Instagram posts in addition to those for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Additionally, it can plan posts, manage several social networks, boost traffic, and engage audiences.

Simply upload the content you wish to share, write a caption for it, and utilize the convenient calendar to schedule when your post will be published.

VoiceMotionsAI Bonus

Bonus #4: AppsBuilderPro App (Value $297)

With a 95% open rate, you can easily turn your website into an iOS or Android app and send push alerts to PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

VoiceMotionsAI Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can VoiceMotions A.I. voice settings be changed?

Yes, VoiceMotions A.I. includes advanced features for adjusting each and every aspect of the voiceover, such as adding emphasis, changing pitch, inserting pause, and altering emotions.

Can I use VoiceMotions A.I. to add sound effects or background music to my voiceovers?

Yes, you can add sound effects or background music to their voiceovers by using VoiceMotions A.I.

Where can I use VoiceMotions A.I. software?

You can use VoiceMotions A.I. software for many purposes like as marketing, app development, video production, e-learning, etc.

Is VoiceMotions A.I. provide any money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not interested in VoiceMotions A.I. software then you can get the refund within 30 days of the plan.


Overall we concluded that VoiceMotions A.I. is the best software for adding 200+ voices in 40+ languages with 12+ emotions in your content.

Through our personal best experience we recommended you to purchase VoiceMotions A.I. software. If you have any queries contact us through e-mail, comments, etc.

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