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SurvAI is an AI-powered software tool used for generating leads and increasing business sales. This software is a path to create cold leads with buyers using AI technology. Stay with us to get detailed information about SurvAI software.

SurvAI Review
SurvAI Review
SellerNeil Napier
Release Date10 May 2022
Guarantee14 Days Money Back Guarantee
SupportEffective Response

What is SurvAI software exactly?

SurvAI is a cloud-based software that is used for online marketing. SurvAI software is used for creating leads with buyers. With the help of the SurvAI program, you can generate leads with potential customers if you’re a new seller or starting a new business.

SurvAI software is a multiple-page survey software that increases engagement and completion rates. There is no need to download this software to access you can easily access this software through a browser because SurvAI is a cloud-based software.

To provide services to clients and charge what they wish, SurvAI software also offers its users a commercial license.

What are the features of SurvAI software?

Here we are going to show you some stunning features of SurvAI software, check below the following

1. Create UNLIMITED High-Converting Questions In Seconds

The objective of creating a survey question, according to leading psychologists and marketers, is for each potential respondent to

👉 Interpret it in the same way

👉 Able to react truthfully

👉 And be willing to answer

SurvAI Feature

2. Drag & Drop Survey Builder Canvas

SurvAI Feature

The results you get from your survey may be directly impacted by the sequence in which the questions appear.

You can just drag and drop your preferred questions onto the canvas. Would you like to change the order of your inquiries? Just drag and drop once more.

There is no easier or quicker way to create a STUNNING survey. You have total control of your surveys thanks to SurvAI.

3. Choose a template or start with a new canvas

You may quickly design your surveys using SurvAI’s extensive library of templates.

These templates were created by our own in-house team of skilled designers and marketers and have been shown to produce the highest conversions.

As an alternative, if you like, you can start with a blank sheet of paper and design your own survey any way you choose.

SurvAI Feature

4. Dynamic Smart Redirect System

SurvAI Feature

You can instruct SurvAI to direct your leads to a specific Thank You Page after they complete the survey based on their responses to your questions.

Based on the tastes of your audience, pitch various goods and services and watch your conversion skyrocket.

5. Smart Survey Protection

You may create passwords for your surveys using SurvAI. Only those who know the password will be able to access the survey and complete it.preventing bots from responding to questions in your survey.

The time and resources spent gathering data that is pointless for you are greatly reduced as a result.
Not only that, but

By only enabling one individual to complete the survey using a single IP address, you can LIMIT the number of surveys each responder can complete.

SurvAI Feature

6. Customize Surveys

SurvAI Feature

Custom survey pages with your brand’s colors and logo. Additionally, you can add images and videos to your survey by uploading them yourself or by selecting them from our built-in image gallery.

To add your own personalized welcome letter and even a countdown timer to boost completion rates through scarcity, just point and click.

7. Full Survey Analytics

Find out information about the total number of respondents, the number of completed surveys, the percentage of completed surveys, and much more!

Look at what is and is not working for you.
The results are summarized by our integrated Natural Language Processing technology without the need for any technical knowledge on your part.

SurvAI Feature

8. Easily Share Your Survey

SurvAI Feature

Share your survey with only one click using a unique URL that was created inside the app.

From within the app, you can also instantly share your surveys on Facebook and Twitter.

Interested in posting your survey on your website? No issue. Embed it on any website (yours or your clients’) by simply copying and pasting.

How does SurvAI software work? Watch Demo Video

Watch below the following video to know how SurvAI software works

Where can we use SurvAI software?

SurvAI software is useful for many users. Check below the following

  • Digital Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Website Owners
  • Coaches
  • E-commerce & Brick-and-Mortar Store Owner
  • Work-From-Home Individuals

SurvAI Bonus

Here we are going to describe some SurvAI bonuses that will be given free access if you purchase or buy SurvAI software through our page link or referral link. Check below the following

Bonus #1: Make 6-Figures With Surveys (Value $497)

SurvAI Bonus

Join us for an EXCLUSIVE training session where we share how you can build a 6-figure business using SurvAI. You will walk away with practical knowledge to help you build a powerful content business.

Bonus #2: Sales Graphics Rush (Value $397)

Everything you’ll ever need to develop high-converting pages is included in the Sales Graphics Pack. Thousands of photos for sales sites, opt-in forms, testimonials, and much more are included in this package.

SurvAI Bonus

Bonus #3: Email Survey Funnel (Value $97)

SurvAI Bonus

You may learn how to effectively manage an email survey funnel to gather insightful feedback from your leads or customers through video training. You can segment your email list to deliver targeted, pertinent emails for a higher return on investment.

Bonus #4: LeadGen App (Value $397)

We have a method to ensure that you have a constant flow of prospects to send your surveys to every day of the week, so you won’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Our specialized LeadGen program will look up online and nearby companies in any industry and any city or town that you specify. Our support delivers bonuses.

SurvAI Bonus

SurvAI Plans Prices And Features

Check below the different types of SUrvAi plans and their features and prices.

1. SurvAI Personal Plan


  • Unlimited AI Questions
  • Collect Up to 1000 Responses
  • Up To 3 Questions Per Survey
  • Up To 25 Active Surveys
  • Includes Hosting For All Your Surveys – NO WEBSITE NEEDED!
  • Drag & Drop Survey Builder Canvas
  • Create Multi-Page Surveys
  • Dynamic Smart Redirect System
  • Smart Survey Protection
  • Full Survey Analytics
  • Easy Survey & Result Share
  • Includes ALL TEN Questions:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Short Answer
    • Long Answer
    • Yes or No
    • Dropdown Selection
    • Star Rating
    • Slider Rating
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Date
  • ADVANCED Integrations
  • Video uploader (add videos to your surveys)
  • Social media sharing feature (share directly to FB & Twitter)
  • DFY built-in templates
  • Built-in image gallery
  • Step By Step Training
  • Top-Notch, Helpful Support
  • Commercial License Included

Normal Price: $67

Special Offer! Get This Exclusive Deal At Just $29/month

SurvAI Plan Price

2. SurvAI Commercial Plan


  • Unlimited AI Questions
  • Collect Up to 1000 Responses
  • Up To 3 Questions Per Survey
  • Up To 25 Active Surveys
  • Includes Hosting For All Your Surveys – NO WEBSITE NEEDED!
  • Drag & Drop Survey Builder Canvas
  • Create Multi-Page Surveys
  • Dynamic Smart Redirect System
  • Smart Survey Protection
  • Full Survey Analytics
  • Easy Survey & Result Share
  • Includes ALL TEN Questions:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Short Answer
    • Long Answer
    • Yes or No
    • Dropdown Selection
    • Star Rating
    • Slider Rating
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Date
  • ADVANCED Integrations
  • Video uploader (add videos to your surveys)
  • Social media sharing feature (share directly to FB & Twitter)
  • DFY built-in templates
  • Built-in image gallery
  • Step By Step Training
  • Top-Notch, Helpful Support
  • Commercial License Included

Fast Action Bonuses:

  • How To Make 6-Figures With Surveys
  • Sales Graphics Rush
  • Email Survey Funnel
  • LeadGen App

Normal Price: $97

Special Offer! Get This Exclusive Deal At Just $47/month

Use Coupon Code “SURVEYS” To Get $10 Off

SurvAI Plan Price

3. Survey Bundle Plan


  • SurvAI Commercial $37
  • SurvAI UNLIMITED $197 yearly
  • SurvAI Agency 100 $197
  • Survey Salesman $37
  • PowrSuite UNLIMITED $197
  • Special Bonus: Coaching Call With A Marketing Coach
  • Our Quick Response Support Team
  • Video Training
  • Bonuses:
    • BONUS 1: Sales Graphics Rush
    • BONUS 2: Webmasters Photo Kit
    • BONUS 3: Customer List Builder
    • BONUS 4: Squeeze Page Generator
    • BONUS 5: The Amazing Banner
    • BONUS 6: Image + File Hosting & Sharing
    • BONUS 7: Link Customizer Pro
    • BONUS 8: 5 DFY Followup Swipes
    • BONUS 9: FB Training on Finding Local Clients
    • BONUS 10: Virtual Sales Bot
    • BONUS 11: AD Spy PRO
    • BONUS 12: Product Creation Bootcamp
    • BONUS 13: Web Copy That Sells
    • BONUS 14: Professional Business Courses
    • BONUS 15: LeadGen App

Normal Price: $665/yr

Special Offer! Get This Exclusive Deal At Just $397(First Year) Then $97/yr

Use Coupon Code “SURVBUNDLE” To Get $50 Off

SurvAI Plan Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is training & support included in SurvAI software?

Yes, SurvAI software provides beneficiary training and support to their user.

In which languages can I program surveys automatically?

You can create or program surveys automatically in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

How long will it really take me to design and launch my survey?

It will take less than 59 seconds to make the design and launch the survey.

Is it provide any money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, SurvAI provides a 14-day money-back guarantee policy to their users if they are not satisfied with SurvAI software features.


Overall, we come to the conclusion that SurvAI is the finest program for generating leads using AI. We advise every new business owner to get this program in order to boost leads and sales due to our personal experience.

Use the email or contact form provided below to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns or if you wish to offer any suggestions.

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