ShortsAI Review 2023: Features and Bonus in Detail

ShortsAI is a game changer for individuals and businesses wishing to rapidly and efficiently create high-quality short video content. ShortsAI is revolutionizing the face of short-form video content creation with its AI-powered technologies, configurable templates, and social media integration. Stay with us to know more about ShortsAI.

CreatorNeil Napier
Release Date23 Feb 2023
Guarantee30-Day Money Back Guarantee
SupportEffective Support

What is ShortsAI exactly?

ShortsAI is an AI-powered platform that assists individuals and businesses in producing short video content fast and efficiently.

It analyzes and understands the content using machine learning algorithms to create interesting and high-quality videos that resonate with consumers.

ShortsAI includes a variety of features like as adjustable templates, voiceovers and music, and social media integration. It has a number of advantages, including time savings, cost-effectiveness, enhanced engagement, and brand consistency.

ShortsAI, in general, is a game changer for individuals and corporations looking to create high-quality short video content.

What are the features of ShortsAI?

ShortsAI differs from other video-making programs available on the market thanks to a number of characteristics. Its essential characteristics include:

1. AI-Powered Video Creation

ShortsAI creates a storyboard that is suited to the user’s requirements by analyzing and comprehending the content using machine learning methods.

Because of this, video creation is more effective and artists can generate high-quality videos in a lot less time than they would have to if they were to do it manually.

2. Customizable Templates

Users of ShortsAI can customize the templates to reflect their brand or message by selecting from a range of styles and themes.

Making engaging movies is now easier thanks to these templates, which give users with no prior video editing knowledge a place to start.

3. Voiceovers and Music

Users can submit their own audio files or select from the voiceovers and music in the ShortsAI library. With the help of this tool, artists may increase viewer engagement by adding a new level to their videos.

4. Text-to-Speech

Additionally, it provides a text-to-speech feature that enables users to enter text that the AI will translate into speech.

For artists who wish to rapidly add a voiceover to their videos without recording their own audio, this function can be helpful.

5. Animations

Videos can be made more lively and visually appealing by adding animations from ShortsAI’s library. These animations can be used to emphasize important ideas, give the video additional emphasis, or just make it more entertaining to watch.

6. Customizable Video Length

Users of ShortsAI can alter the duration of their videos to conform to the specifications of the site they are sharing them on. With the help of this function, all platforms are covered and the videos can be easily shared.

What are the benefits of ShortsAI?

For individuals and companies wishing to produce brief video content fast and effectively, ShortsAI offers a number of advantages. Its main advantages include:

1. Time-Saving

By using machine learning techniques, ShortsAI analyzes and comprehends the text considerably more quickly and effectively than traditional approaches. Videos of excellent quality can be produced in a matter of minutes, saving creators hours of labor.

2. Cost-Effective

Not everyone has the resources to hire a video production crew because they are often highly expensive. ShortsAI makes producing high-quality movies an affordable option by doing away with the need for expensive machinery and labor.

3. Increased Engagement

The attention of viewers can be immediately drawn in by short-form video material due to its high level of engagement.

The likelihood of engagement and shares can be increased by using ShortsAI to produce visually appealing videos that are suited for social media networks.

4. Brand Consistency

ShortsAI enables creators to have a consistent brand image throughout all of their videos with a variety of configurable themes, voiceovers, and music. Building brand identification and trust among viewers requires consistency.

5. Accessibility

Anyone may use ShortsAI thanks to its user-friendly interface, regardless of their level of competence in video production.

By making the process of making videos more accessible, anyone can easily produce high-quality videos.

6. Flexibility

ShortsAI gives creators a wide range of customization tools that make it simple to adapt their movies to their own requirements.

Users can submit their own photographs and music files in addition to selecting from a selection of styles, themes, and animations.

What are the pros and cons of ShortAI?

Here we describe pros and cons of ShortAI, check below the following:

1. Pros

A. Fast and Efficient

ShortsAI employs machine learning algorithms to swiftly evaluate and comprehend the information, which speeds up and improves the efficiency of traditional methods for creating videos.

B. User-Friendly

Anyone may use ShortsAI thanks to its user-friendly interface, regardless of their level of competence in video production.

C. Cost-Effective

ShortsAI is an affordable option for producing high-quality videos because it does not require expensive tools or labor.

D. Customizable

ShortsAI makes it simple for producers to modify their videos to suit their unique requirements by providing a multitude of customization choices, such as templates, voiceovers, music, animations, and more.

E. Optimized for Social Media

With the help of ShortsAI, you can produce videos that are tailored for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts, making them more easily shareable and accessible to a larger audience.

2. Cons

A. Limited Customization

Although there are many customization choices available with ShortsAI, some users might feel that there aren’t as many as with other video editing programs.

B. Lack of Creative Control

Some users might feel that they have less creative influence over the finished product because ShortsAI uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze and generate material.

C. Limited Content Types

ShortsAI is primarily made for short-form video creation, therefore it might not be appropriate for all kinds of material.

D. Required Internet Connection

ShortsAI is a cloud-based program, thus access to the internet is necessary to use it. For authors who operate in locations with sluggish or unpredictable internet connections, this may be a hindrance.


Check below the list of the following bonuses and their prices:

1. Bonus #1: 6-Figure Affiliate Marketing Master Plan (Value $297)

With the help of our Affiliate Marketing Master Plan, discover the keys to six-figure success! You may learn how to create a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch with the help of our step-by-step tutorial.

Our approach will give you the tools and tactics you need to boost your revenue, from choosing the ideal niche to increasing your income.

2. Bonus #2: 5 DFY Youtube Outros (Value $97)

Don’t just force your audience to watch your video; hold their interest for a little while longer. 5 expertly made YouTube videos will instruct them on what they need to do and where they need to go. template for an outro.

We’re including a PowerPoint presentation as an added bonus to help you create a YouTube Outro that really converts!

3. Bonus #3: 6 Figure Store Builder (Value $97)

Any WordPress site can become an automated revenue-generating machine by using this Done-For-You Store Building software. ​It’s “set it and forget it” with integrated free traffic generation and automatic sales technologies.

4. Bonus #4: Udemy Clone Plugin (Value $297)

This one-of-a-kind WordPress plugin can transform any WordPress site into a customized “Udemy Clone.” Create courses without spending any money (instead of hundreds each month).

The cost of hosting other course providers’ courses Create free traffic, which you can then direct to your own or affiliate offers.

Customers have spent $299 only on this plugin. However, as an Early Bird VerTex user, I’m paying for it and throwing it in as a FREE Bonus for you.

5. Bonus #5: Clickbank Auto-Commissions (Value $197)

Utilize this novel new strategy for “going viral” using the fastest Clickbank commission-generating tool ever created.​

6. Bonus #6: Affiliate Booster (Value $197)

Easily convert your entries into an affiliate revenue generator. Users have confidence in your recommendations thanks to the site’s top-notch design and user experience. There are seven different ways to draw attention to your affiliate offerings.

No coding is necessary!

7. Bonus #7: Live Chatbot Plugin (Value $997)

With a live chatbot that handles the laborious job for you, automate the sales process on your website! Provide customers with individualized advice and help to increase revenues make bot sequences specific to any affiliate offer. Activate hesitant shoppers into enthusiastic ones no prior tech knowledge necessary:

8. Bonus #8: 27 Free Marketing Tools (Value $197)

With our unique selection of 27 Free Marketing Tools, you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing approach!

Everything you need to organize your marketing activities and increase ROI is in our toolkit. We offer 27 Free Marketing Tools that will help you save money and get better results.

9. Bonus #9: Social Media Marketing Agency Handbook (Value $197)

The best Social Media Marketing Agency Handbook can transform your company. Learn how to create, develop, and expand a profitable agency from the ground up.

From acquiring clients to increasing your income, everything is covered in this thorough handbook. Take your agency to the next level by utilizing our tried-and-true tactics and knowledgeable advice.

10. Bonus #10: 100 DFY Lead Magnets (Value $297)

With our unique collection of 100 done-for-you lead magnets, you can unleash the potential of lead generation! Our bundle includes all the tools you need to draw in and convert more leads, from ebooks to checklists.

Utilize our high-converting lead magnets to expand your email list and boost conversions while saving time and effort. Your success depends on 100 DFY Lead Magnets.

11. Bonus #11: Advanced Webinar Framework (Value $297)

Are you interested in hosting webinars but unsure of how to do so? In any case, you can now create your next webinar in under two hours by downloading our 60+ page fill-in-the-blank slide deck. No prior expertise is required!

12. Bonus #12: Video Ads Formula (Value $297)

What do you need now that ViidCloud has given you and your clients access to lightning-fast videos and customizations?

TRAFFIC. Much Traffic!

Our ‘Video Ads Formula’ Full-Blown Home Study Course, which focuses on assisting you in obtaining the maximum amount of traffic from your videos, can help you with this.

The step-by-step training on how to build and implement video ads for customers and businesses is included in this course, which was personally created by Mosh. It also has a stylish member’s area.

13. Bonus #13: Consulting Mastery (Value $297)

With ViidCloud, you have an AMAZING service you can market to small businesses, independent contractors, and even e-commerce store owners. In fact, you can market it to ANYONE that needs assistance with videos.

But the challenge is, how can you position yourself as the ultimate expert, charge a premium fee, and what is the ideal way to market a service to a prospect?

This is where Consulting Mastery, Mosh’s comprehensive home study course on successfully selling agency services, comes in.

This amazing course, which was entirely recorded by Mosh personally, covers everything from what to say to how to say it to how to charge a premium and how to keep your prospects and clients satisfied.

14. Bonus #14: Making 6-Figures With ShortsAI (Value $497)

You can now have access to our 3-part bonus session series by purchasing ShortsAI. We will delve further into ShortsAI in each session and share with you profitable strategies to monetize your marketing services firm. This is available to you without cost and is worth five times what you will pay today.

15. Bonus #15: 50+ EASY WAY TO CREATE VIDEOS (Value $297)

With this special guide, which includes 50+ simple ways to make your ideas come to life, you can unleash the potential of video creation.

This addition will assist you in quickly producing videos of high quality, ranging from beginner-friendly advice to sophisticated strategies.

16. Bonus #16: 1MinuteApp (Value $297)

You may make an unlimited number of mobile apps for iOS and Android using the 1-Click Cloud-Based Mobile App Builder!

No coding, no developers, and no IT skills…

Prices and Oto details

Here we describe about ShortsAI plan prices and their features and otos also:

ShortsAI Elite (Price $24.95)

ShortsAI Elite


✔ Create 50 Scripts

✔ Advanced AI Included For Script Writing

✔ Sync Desktop App & Mobile App

✔ Automatic Silence Removal

✔ Apple iPhone Version

✔ Android Version

✔ Step-by-Step “ShortsSuccess” Training

✔ Top Notch Support

✔ Commercial License Included!

✔ Videos Perfect For:

  • YouTube Shorts
  • Facebook Stories
  • Twitter
  • Instagram Reels
  • TikTok

Here We Describe Some OTOs, You Can Advance Buy Them After Subscription:

OTO 1: ShortsAI Unlimited (Price $497)

ShortsAI Unlimited




✔ UNLIMITED Off-Camera Videos

✔ UNLIMITED Video Recording

✔ Unlimited Video Storage

✔ All Future Features

OTO 2: ShortsAI Vertex Faceless Video Creator (Price $97/month)

ShortsAI Vertex Faceless Video Creator


✔ VerTex Faceless Video Traffic Software

✔ $0 to $321 Over-the-Shoulder Tutorial

✔ Quick Start Set-Up Wizard

OTO 3: ShortsAI Agency Business Kit (Price $797)

ShortsAI Agency Business Kit


DFY Business Website

✔ Add Featured Samples Of Your Products & Services

✔ Custom PayPal Checkout Integration

✔ Add Business Clients Testimonial

✔ All Website Pages Created with content

✔ Created By Top Graphic Designer

Deluxe DFY Agency Pack:

✔ DFY Sales Proposal

✔ DFY Email Swipes

✔ DFY Telemarketing Scripts

✔ DFY Legal Contract

✔ DFY Graphics Banner

✔ DFY Business Cards

✔ DFY Rate Cards

✔ DFY Letterheads

✔ DFY Invoice

OTO 4: PowrSuite ShortsAI Edition (Price $197)

PowrSuite ShortsAI Edition


✔ Includes 2000 Credits*

✔ Full access to all 13 products

Marketing Pages Suite

  • Create Offer Pages
  • Create Optin Pages
  • Create Scratch Off Pages
  • Track All Your Marketing Links

Lead Generation Suite

  • Gather contacts and info from pages
  • Gather contacts and info from locations

✔ Traffic Generation Suite:

  • Create Social Graphics
  • Create Social Posts
  • Design YouTube Thumbnails

✔ Advertising Design Suite

  • Create ads for ANY platform
  • Includes Insta & FB templates
  • Generate powerful copy

✔ Simple Page Designer for everything else!

✔ Fully Cloud Hosted By Us – no website required

✔ Unlimited traffic

✔ Commercial License Included

✔ Step-by-Step Tutorials

OTO 5: ViidCloud Pro ShortsAI Edition (Price $197/month)

ViidCloud Pro ShortsAI Edition


✔ 200 Gigabyte Storage

✔ Upload 10,000 Video Per Month

✔ Ability To Connect YOUR Free Dropbox Account

✔ Ability To Connect YOUR Amazon S3 Account

✔ Instant Video To GIF Technology

✔ Built In Landing Pages You Can Sell

✔ Create Playlists

✔ Solves The Auto-Play Browser Issue

✔ Animated Play Buttons For Maximum Clicks

✔ Lightning Fast Loading Speeds

✔ 100% Mobile Friendly & Optimized

✔ Publish Your Videos On ANY Website or Landing Page

✔ Instant Embed Code Delivery

✔ Autoresponder Integrations

✔ Password Protection

✔ No Ads On Your Videos EVER

✔ Customize Video Thumbnails

✔ MP4 Format with Full HDR Support

✔ VERY Easy To Use & Intuitive Interface

✔ Player Customizations

✔ Step By Step Video Training

✔ 100% Cloud Based – Nothing To Download

✔ Premium Support

✔ Commercial License Included

✔ Use With Clients Immediately

✔ Instant Lead Capture & Management

✔ Button & CTA Overlay

✔ Tracking & Pixels

✔ 100,000 HD Stock Images For Your Videos

✔ 10 Team Member Access

✔ 25 Reseller Licenses + Reseller Panel

✔ Advanced Tracking & SEO

Bundle Offer

Total Cost If You Paid The Normal Price For Each Upgrade Separately (Not Including Bonuses):  $1058/yearly

But This Bundle Price

At Just: $247

ShortsAI Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ShortsAI offer a free trial?

Yes, ShortsAI offers a free trial for new users.

How does ShortsAI help businesses?

Businesses benefit from ShortsAI’s insights regarding the short-form video content of their rivals as well as its assistance in optimizing their own videos for more visibility and engagement.

What kind of short-form video content can ShortsAI analyze?

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat are just a few of the social media sites where ShortsAI can evaluate short films.

How long does it take ShortsAI to analyze a video?

A video can be analyzed by ShortsAI in a matter of minutes.


Here we concluded that ShortsAI is the best software for making shorts videos for a social platform like as twitter, facebook, youtube etc.

Powerful platform ShortsAI analyzes and optimizes short-form video material on numerous social media networks using artificial intelligence.

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