Ozivi Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

Ozivi is a software that can customize my video, embed everywhere (including emails and sales funnels), and increased revenue by 15x. Utilizing Ozivi, you can also produce video funnels. Stay with us to know more about Ozivi.

Ozivi Review
Ozivi Review
CreatorSteve Tari
Release Date25 Jan 2023
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheInteractive Video Experiences

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Ozivi: Introduction

You may customize your videos with interactive components like calls-to-action, links, opt-in forms, polls, and more using the cloud-based video platform Ozivi AI.

Courses, presentations, funnels, sales letters, testimonial videos, squeeze pages, overlays, pop-ups, and sales pages can all be quickly and easily created as spectacular interactive videos. You may also create video sequences with Ozivi.

What are the features of Ozivi?

Ozivi is a strong platform for interactive videos that enable customers to design, tweak, and optimize interactive videos for their companies. The platform provides a huge selection of features and advantages, such as:

1. Creative Video Builder

Users can import videos from any URL, record their screens and cameras, integrate content directly from stock memberships into Ozivi, edit movies they’ve taken from YouTube, develop courses and training materials, and more.

2. WebRTC Technology

The same technology that Netflix uses for the quickest, smoothest, and safest video communication powers Ozivi.

This guarantees the finest viewing experience for viewers, allowing users to earn the most money.

3. Infinite Video Loop

Users can build up limitless video loops, which means that as many times as they like, a new video will be shown, depending on how the viewer interacts with the first.

4. Video Designer

Users of Ozivi can utilize the entertaining video designer option to make their films seem gorgeous.

5. Lead Collection

Ozivi offers gorgeous done-for-you interactive form templates that customers may utilize to gather leads while watching movies.

Statistics have shown that this feature is the most effective strategy to generate more qualified, focused leads.

6. Video Funnels

Ozivi enables users to construct elaborate interactive video funnels quickly and easily.

7. Book Appointments

Users of Ozivi A.I. can make an automatic schedule, allow customers to make appointments, and even make purchases directly from interactive videos.

How Ozivi works?

Check below the steps to learn how Ozivi works:

Step 1: First you need to create an account. An account can be created by visiting on Ozivi official website.

Step 2: Sign up for any plan you want to choose on Ozivi.

Step 3: Once you create an account on Ozivi, then you can create videos or import videos through the URL.

Step 4: Ozivi provides many tools to make your video creative and attractive. Once you make your video creative then publish it on your official social media account and website.

Step 5: Ozivi provide an analyzing tool that helps to check the performance of the video and helps to check the viewers and their feedback about the video. If there is any need to create any change, you can do it.

Step 6: Just follow these above steps for video marketing through Ozivi.


Here we describe different types of plans of Ozivi and their prices and features:

1. OZIVI Commercial – (Price: $67)

Ozivi Plan


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Reply To Customers Directly Within The App

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Upload Videos to Cloud: Automatically & Create Campaign

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Videos from Royalty free Video Sites – Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash for your Campaigns

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Animated GIFs from Giphy

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Go Live on Camera & Record

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Screencast your Computer & Record

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Screen + Camera

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Audio Feedbacks & Responses

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Feedbacks & Responses

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Text Feedbacks & Responses

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Reactions/Emojis Feedbacks & Responses

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Embed Replies / Responses on your Websites

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Embed Video Widget

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Appointments

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Polls & Surveys

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Manage & Export Leads and Responses

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Email Integrations

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Campaigns Easily

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Videos From Your Favorite Royalty Free Sites

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Go Live And Record Video Directly In The App!

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Your Screen Quickly & Easily

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Widgets For Your Marketing

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Embed Video Funnel Everywhere

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19Discover Exit Intent With Your Traffic

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19Reply To Customers Directly Within The App

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19Search Responses To Find What You Need Quickly

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19DFY Templates To Help You Create Campaigns Fast

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Choose Audio Replies

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Choose Text Replies

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Integrate Webhooks Seamlessly

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Connect To Multiple Apps Using Zapier

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Link Your Gmail Account For Reply Management

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Add Your Business’ Brand

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Personal Folder Organization

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Team Folder Organization

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 User Onboarding Made Easy

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 All Analytics of Campaigns At A Glance

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Get Analytics Based On Device

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Stunning Intuitive Easy To Use Dashboard

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 A True 100% Cloud Based App

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Works With Every Device

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Design and create forms right inside the videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Complete control of forms and design elements

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Drag and Drop elements

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 100+ Templates to create and design anything

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Action Button Design Templates

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 New templates to take your action buttons to the next level

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Action Button animations

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 500+ New Premium Fonts Added to Style your overlay texts, CTA elements

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Custom HTML to even embed Amazon Products and Ads inside your Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Mindmap


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 1
OZIVI Success Bootcamp ($1,997)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 2
A.I Avatar Builder ($197)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 3
Easy 7 Figure Agency Roadmap & Training ($97 Value)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 4
$600 Ad Voucher For Various Large Ad Networks (Bing, Amazon, Linkedin & More) ($600 Value)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 5
Free Access To The OZIVI Coaching Program With 2 Meetings/month ($2,997 Value)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 6
A.I Social Media Manager ($67 Value)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 7
OZIVI 3D Box Maker ($67 Value)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 8
Commercial License/Agency License ($97 Value)

2. Ozivi Pro – (Price: $147)

Ozivi Plan


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Upload Videos to Cloud: Automatically & Create Campaigns

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Import Videos from Royalty-free Video Sites – Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash for your Campaigns

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Import Animated GIFs from Giphy

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Go Live on Camera & Record

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Impression Click-Through Rate

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Unique Impression & Unique Impression CTR

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Average Stick Time Length

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Button & Link Clicks

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Exact Watch Time

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Email Subscriptions

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Disengagement Rate

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Call to Action Points

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Shares

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Traffic Source Types

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Device & Browsers

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Viewers Country Location

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 CREATE Unlimited Teams

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 10 Member Accounts Per Team

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Add Sub-Users To Your Account

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 New templates to take your action buttons to the next level

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Not just new templates, but the Action Button animations will make your Video Funnels even more eye catching and interacting

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 CTA Actions now supports Custom HTML to even embed Amazon Products and Ads inside your Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Screencast your Computer & Record

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Record Screen + Camera

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Embed Replies / Responses on your Websites

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Embed Video Widget

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 UNLIMITED – Manage & Export Leads and Responses

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Dynamic Video Customizations

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Overlay Text on Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Interactive Call to Actions – Text, Video & Audio

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Ask Questions & Get Answers

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Book Appointments with Calendars – Calendly Integrations

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Add Unlimited Buttons

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Custom Thumbnails

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Text and Image Logo Watermarks with Positions

Add Clients Access Account

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create & Manage Client Projects

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 500+ New Premium Fonts Added to Style your overlay texts, CTA elements

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Meaning, you can embed your ecommerce products right inside the videos and increase your sales


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 1
Mobile Interactive Marketplace Simplified:

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 2
150+ Video Gradients & Background

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 3
Online Viral Marketing Secrets Video Upgrade

3. OZIVI Video Elite – (Price: $97)

Ozivi Plan


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Hosting, Streaming & Management

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 50 GB Storage Space

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Unlimited Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Upload/Publish Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Projects

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Projects

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Projects

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Projects

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Playlists

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Embeddable Playlists on any website

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Embed Video on any website

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Domain Embed Restriction

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 SEO Friendly Embed Codes

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Keyword Shortcuts

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Hotkeys

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Visibility & Privacy controls

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Password Protection

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Private link sharing

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Customize Video Thumbnails

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Custom End Screens

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Related Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Player Customization

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Videos from Google Drive

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Videos from Dropbox

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Video from One Drive

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Videos from BOX

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Videos from Instagram

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Import Videos In 1 Click from External Source

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Full AWS S3 Support

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Customize Colors & Components

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Add your own branding

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Schema Implementations

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Visitor Analytics

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Resumable Video Uploads

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Player Enhancements

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Bring your Own Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 User Profile & Channel

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Recordings and Live

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Video, Audio with Screenshare

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Audio and Video

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Video

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Audio

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Screen Share

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Record Your Screen & Camera Together

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 PIP Mode Recording

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Direct Upload to Ozivi Cloud

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Live Transcoding after Recording

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Cloud Videos Support

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Video Editing with Timelines

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Trim Videos

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Clip Timestamps

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Join Video

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Drag and Drop Videos, Images & Audio to Timeline


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 1
Social Traffic Plan

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 2
AI-Powered BrandDomain Maker (Worth $497)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 3
Ozivi Ads Agency Website

4. OZIVI SuperStock

Ozivi Plan


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Millions of Premium HQ Stock Videos – Find Perfect Video Footages For Your Video

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Millions of Premium HQ Stock Images – Create Perfect Thumbnail For Your Video

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 100s of Appealing Background Music – Find Perfect Background Music For Your Video

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 189 Text to Human-Sounding Voices

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 30 Different Languages

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Thumbnail Creator – Image Editor


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 1
High Ticket Agency Frameworks & Optimization Toolkit ($997 Value)

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 2
Viral Quotes Rocket

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 3
How To Close High Paying Clients

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 4
Local Agency Business Team Showcase Software

5. OZIVI Partners Program Platinum – (Price: $297)

Ozivi plan


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create and manage up to 200 Accounts

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Use up to 2000 G.B.

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Create Invoices

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Done.For.You Professional Agency Websites

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Done.For.You Custom Premium Agency Logos Pack

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Attorney Drawn Customizable Legal Contracts for your Agency

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Print-ready Commercial Graphics Templates of Agency

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Stunning Facebook Ads Creative

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Stunning Google Business Banners

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 High Converting PowerPoint Sales Proposals

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Highly Optimized Email Sequence

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Telemarketing Scripts

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Highly Professional Sales Video


OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 1
Contact Business Swipes

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 2
Clickable Images Bot

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 3
High-Level Fiverr Seller Domination Training

OZ-O1-29-Icon-19 Fast-action Bonus 4
Access to a Premium Software That Finds Good Domain Names that Have a Higher Chance of Selling Your Interactive Video Service: this particular bonus is incredible!


Total value: $668

Special Offer For You at Just: $668 $297

Special Bundle Deal: Get $50 Off – Use Coupon “OZIVI50”

Ozivi Price

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it compatiable with Both Mac & PC?

Yes, because it is cloud-base so compatiable with both Mac and PC.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you can get back your money through the Ozivi official website if you are not satisfied with Ozivi.

Is there any need of experience or training?

No, there is no need of any experience or training. You can understand it very easily and start work on it.

Is there any monthly fees?

No, Ozivi is available at a very low cost. It is now available at a special offer of one time payment.

Does the Bundle Deal include everything?

Yes, Bundle Deal provides you all the features and tools of Ozivi software to create an attractive video.


Here we concluded that Ozivi is a best software for each and every business to create video for marketing or any other purpose.

This software is the best software for Video marketing. This software provides a variety of features and tools to create videoes.

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