FaceSwap Review 2023 | Swap Human Faces In Video And Image

FaceSwap software is a platform that is used to swap human faces in any video and image to create unlimited visual content. FaceSwap software creates brand-new images and videos by swapping faces through other videos and animation. Stay with us to take a deep dive into FaceSwap software.

FaceSwap Software Review
FaceSwap Software Review
SellerOliver Goodwin
Release Date19 June 2022
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Introduction: FaceSwap

In today’s digital world, each and every business required marketing of a business. Video ads and image ads are the main source of marketing of a business. FaceSwap is one of the marketing software that is used to create videos and images by swapping faces through other videos, animations, and images.

You can even change the background of a video and image. FaceSwap software provides all the tools that make your video and image stunning and attractive. You can even create memes and funny animations using this software. Copyright Free content is provided by FaceSwap software so you don’t worry about it.

You can earn through FaceSwap software by providing face swap facility to their client at get paid for it. FaceSwap software provides their user commercial license to offer service for the clients by users.


What are the features of FaceSwap software?

FaceSwap is a collection of stunning and attractive features. Check below the following

1. Multi-Face Support

Users can switch faces between numerous people using advanced FaceSwap software that can manage multiple faces within a picture or video.

2. Customization Options

Users can frequently modify a number of variables, including opacity, mixing, and position, to fine-tune the face swap and get a more natural-looking outcome.

3. Real-Time Face Swapping

Real-time face swapping is a feature of some FaceSwap programs that can be utilized during live video chats or streaming.

4. Commercial License

FaceSwap software provides you a commercial license to offer service for the clients and get paid for it.

5. Copyright Free

You don’t worry about copyright content. FaceSwap software provides you the copyright-free content. Everything, videos, and image you create through FaceSwap software are uniquely designed.

Watch Demo Video: How does FaceSwap Software work?

Watch the given below video to know in detail how FaceSwap software works.

What are the benefits of FaceSwap software?

Hey guys! we are going to describe some stunning benefits of FaceSwap software. Check below the following

  • Time And Money Saving
  • Improvement in Profit Margin
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Commercial License
  • Privacy Protection
  • Training Facility
  • Creative Expression

FaceSwap Software Bonuses

We will demonstrate the FaceSwap software bonuses available FREE to users who purchase or acquire a FaceSwap software plan through our referral link or page link. Look at what’s listed below.

Bonus #1: DFY Fiverr Kit (Worth: $199)

FaceSwap Bonus

On markets like Fiverr, there is a significant demand for face-swapping services. Let us assist you in promoting your Face-swapping gig on Fiverr.

For you, we’ve made a Fiverr kit. Professional writing and visuals made particularly to promote face-swapping services are included in the kit. Launch a profitable face-swapping business on Fiverr right now!

Bonus #2: DFY Upwork Kit (Worth: $199)

Do you aware that Upwork has a marketplace that is comparable to Fiverr’s? The good news is that you may also advertise your face-swapping services on this website. For you to get started, we’ve made a unique Upwork kit.

For you to list your face-swapping service right now, this package includes expert copy, graphics, and other materials.

FaceSwap Bonus

Bonus #3: FaceSwap Ultra HD Image Upgrade (Worth: $147)

FaceSwap Bonus

We will update your FaceSwap account for a short time so you may render Ultra HD pictures.

With the help of this bonus, a very important function in your FaceSwap account will be unlocked, enabling you to use FaceSwap to produce even higher-quality image material.

Bonus #4: Training By Todd Gross (Worth: $199)

Want to spend your money as wisely as possible? After that, you must complete this training. We’ve been using FaceSwap for months, and Todd has personally compiled all the greatest advice for you to know in order to unleash the beast that is FaceSwap’s full potential through this training. We strongly advise you to go through this training so you can acquire the best outfits to wow both you and your clients!

FaceSwap Bonus

Bonus #5: 12 Professional Spokesperson Videos (Worth: $297)

FaceSwap Bonus

We are offering you about 12+ high-quality spokesperson videos. Use these top-notch videos with voiceovers performed by experts in your own company. Using the FaceSwap software, you can quickly replace the spokespeople’s faces and create countless variations of these videos.

Bonus #6: Design Editor For FaceSwap (Worth: $497)

We have developed a thorough, user-friendly design editor for your face-swapped photos. You can use this software to perform basic tasks like cropping or adding a filter. Even more complex tasks like layering and grading are possible. This all-in-one image editor has a COMMERCIAL LICENSE and is the last image editor you’ll ever need! In order to earn fully from your creations, you can sell them.

FaceSwap Bonus

Bonus #7: DFY Facebook Ads (Worth: $199)

FaceSwap Bonus

For you, we’ve produced over 10+ eye-catching Facebook Ad photos. All of them are Canva templates that you can quickly import into your no-cost Canva account and use to make and manage profitable Facebook advertisements. You can alter the ads and vary their size for best delivery since these are Canva templates.

Bonus #8: DFY Google Ads (Worth:$199)

We’ve produced more than 10+ Google Ad pictures that you may use to run Google advertising for your face-swapping agency services in addition to Facebook. You may effortlessly import any of these Canva templates into your completely free Canva account. These are Canva templates, so you may edit and adjust sizes to run advertisements on other platforms that are compatible.

FaceSwap Bonus

FaceSwap Software Plans And Their Prices

FaceSwap software provides different types of plans and their price are based on the features included by them. Check below the following

1. FaceSwap Software Personal Plan


  • FaceSwap ANY video.
  • Up to 30 seconds/Video.
  • 720p resolution.
  • 50 fixed faces to choose from.
  • Image FaceSwap – Ability to change 1 face/image.
  • 15 credits which renew each month.

Normal Price: $67/One-Time Payment

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LocalSites Hub Plan Price

2. FaceSwap Software Commercial Plan


  • FaceSwap ANY video.
  • Up to 30 seconds/Video.
  • 720p resolution.
  • 500 fixed faces to choose from.
  • Image FaceSwap – Ability to change 1 face/image.
  • Remove background from ANY image (no green screen needed)
  • Remove video background from ANY video (no green screen needed)
  • FaceSwap your HSS videos directly from the panel.
  • Upload your OWN face – limit to 2 faces.
  • 40 credits which renew each month + BONUS 10 credits for testing.

Regular Price: $127/One-Time Payment

Hurry Up! Get This Exclusive Deal At Just $90/One Time Payment

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FaceSwap Software Plan Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any monthly fee process?

No, you just pay one time to purchase the FaceSwap software plan.

Is it compatible with Mac and Windows?

Yes, FaceSwap software is compatible with both Mac and Windows, because it is 100% cloud-based software.

Is it provide any money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, FaceSwap software provides a 30-day money-back guarantee policy to users who are not satisfied with the features of FaceSwap software.


Overall we conclude that FaceSwap software is the best software for creating images and video by swapping human and animation images. This software totally provides you the unique content. Through our personal experience, we recommend you to choose this software.

If you face any problem and want to give any suggestion you can contact us through the given below contact form or by email.

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