EbookStudio – A Genuine Review 2023

Creating and distributing ebooks may be done completely with EbookStudio. It provides a variety of tools that make ebook creation simple and effective. In this article, we’ll examine EbookStudio in more detail and examine why writers and publishers should choose it.

EbookStudio Review
EbookStudio Review
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Release date17 April 2023
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EbookStudio Introduction

EbookStudio is a program for making and distributing ebooks. It has adjustable layouts, support for several ebook formats, a built-in editor, and cloud storage for quick distribution, among other features that make ebook authoring simple and efficient.

Users can use EbookStudio to generate ebooks in a number of genres, such as novels, textbooks, marketing materials, and more.

Self-published authors, publishing corporations, educators, businesses, non-profit groups, and anybody else who wants to generate and share digital material can utilize it.

What are the features of EbookStudio?

A variety of features provided by EbookStudio make creating ebooks quick and simple. Here are some of the salient characteristics:

1. Easy-to-use Interface

The user-friendly interface of EbookStudio makes creating ebooks simple and enjoyable. By just dragging and dropping files into the software, you may quickly generate ebooks.

2. Multiple Formats

EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and more formats are supported by EbookStudio. You may now generate ebooks that work on a variety of devices thanks to this.

3. Customizable Layouts

You can construct your ebook using a variety of layouts available in EbookStudio. A variety of templates are available, which you can then modify to meet your needs.

4. Built-in Editor

Your ebook can be edited using the built-in editor in EbookStudio. In addition to formatting the text, you may include links, videos, and other media in your ebook.

5. Cloud Storage

You may keep your ebooks online and view them from anywhere with EbookStudio’s cloud storage. This makes reaching a large audience with your ebooks simple.

What are the benefits of EbookStudio Software?

Here are some of the benefits of using EbookStudio:

1. Saves Time

EbookStudio streamlines and simplifies ebook creation. You may quickly and easily generate ebooks, which will save you time and work.

2. Professional Look

EbookStudio provides a selection of editable layouts that give your ebook a polished appearance. This increases the reader appeal of your ebook.

3. Compatible with Multiple Devices

Your ebook will be compatible with a variety of devices thanks to EbookStudio’s support for numerous ebook file types. This implies that a larger audience can access your ebook.

4. Easy to Distributexz

You may easily reach a large audience by distributing your ebook using EbookStudio’s cloud storage option. Additionally, you can utilize EbookStudio to publish your books on well-known ebook distributors like Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.

5. Affordable

A cheap option for creating ebooks is EbookStudio. A variety of capabilities that are typically found in more expensive ebook creation tools are available here.

Where can we use EbookStudio?

EbookStudio can be used in at a variety of places, including:

1. Self-publishing

EbookStudio can be used by authors to produce and distribute their ebooks if they choose to self-publish their work.

EbookStudio has a number of tools that make ebook creation simple and effective, freeing authors to concentrate on crafting their content.

2. Publishing companies

EbookStudio can be used by publishing businesses to produce and provide their authors’ ebooks.

It’s simple to generate ebooks that are consistent with the publisher’s identity using EbookStudio’s selection of customizable layouts and ebook formats.

3. Marketing

Businesses can utilize EbookStudio to produce marketing collateral including product catalogs, brochures, and whitepapers.

Businesses may produce interesting marketing materials that stand out from the competition using EbookStudio’s configurable layouts and multimedia capabilities.

4. Non-profit organizations

EbookStudio enables non-profit groups to produce digital newsletters, reports, and other publications.

It is simple to distribute this information to stakeholders and supporters using EbookStudio’s cloud storage and distribution options.

5. Education

EbookStudio can be used in education settings to create digital textbooks and course materials.

Teachers can create custom ebooks that include multimedia content, interactive quizzes, and other features to engage students.

Prices: Plans And OTOs (With features)

Check below the list of Plans and OTOs:

Fronted (Commercial) Price: $27-$37


✔ Create eBooks and FlipBooks without Writing a Single Keyword

✔ Drag & Drop EBook Editor

✔ Create eBooks from Any Image or Text

✔ Create eBooks from Keyword Using Our In-built AI Content Writer

✔ Create FlipBooks from Any Image or Text

✔ Create FlipBooks from Keyword Using Our In-built AI Content Writer

✔ 80+ Hot DFY Templates in 20+ Niche

✔ Inbuilt Content & Article Creator

✔ IN-Built EBook and FlipBook Cover Designer

✔ Create Social Media Images, Mockups etc.

✔ 2 Mn+ Searchable Stock Images, Videos & Vectors Library



✔ Completely Cloud-Based Platform, Nothing to Install

✔ 30K+ Pre-Made eBooks With PLR License

✔ Thousands Of Articles With PLR License

1. OTO #1: Pro (Price $67)


✔ Create Unlimited Ebook & Flipbooks

✔ Create Unlimited Ebook Covers

✔ 200 Additional Ebook Templates

✔ Add Watermark Feature

✔ 50K Additional DFY eBooks With PLR Rights

✔ 50k Additional DFY Articles With PLR Rights


2. OTO #2: Market Builder (Price $47)


✔ Create Unlimited marketplaces for any service or product you want to sell online

✔ Messaging & Texting

✔ Category Management

✔ Create Pages

✔ Custom Domain

✔ Creating Smart Menu & sub-menu

✔ “Pay what you want” option for products

✔ Accept Payments from Payoneer, Paypal, Stripe , Coin Payments, Mercadopago, Paystack & Dusupay

✔ Unlimited Hosting on our servers

✔ Add your own logo & branding

✔ Ability to add custom code (for retargeting users)

✔ Profile page for branding

✔ Offer categorization

✔ Inbuilt Checkout System

✔ Real-Time Order & Message Notifications

✔ User login

✔ Testomonials/Reviews

✔ Panel to show product details

✔ Service Packages

✔ Email Integration

✔ FAQ In Your Marketplace

✔ Mobile Responsive Marketplace

✔ User Management

✔ Customers Profile

✔ Completely Cloud-Based App

EbookStudio OTO

✔ Add To Cart

✔ Calendar

✔ Ability to create basic/standard/premium package

✔ Multiple Currencies

✔ Updated Exchange Rates

✔ License Key Manger for Digital Products

✔ Built-In Sitemap Generator

✔ Custom Fonts

✔ Pricing Tables


✔ Cookie Consent

✔ Multiple Licensing for Products (Regular / Extended)

✔ Sell Marketplace To Clients with Commercial License

✔ Runs On Our Blazing Fast Servers With Your Branding

3. OTO #3: Agency (Price $147-$197)


✔ Exclusive Agency License

✔ 50-200 EbookStudio Accounts

✔ DFY Sales Material

✔ Sell EbookStudio to Your Clients and Keep ALL the Profits

✔ DFY Tech Set-up Saving You Thousands of Dollars

✔ 24*7 Software Membership and Customer Support

✔ Low One Time Investment On Untapped New Technology to Reap Big Profits

EbookStudio OTO

4. OTO #4: PixaStudio


✔ 12 Million+ Searchable Images

✔ Over 1 Million Searchable GIFs and Memes

✔ 2 Million+ Additional Searchable Stock Videos (Multiple Size & Resolutions)

✔ Over 10K Downloadable HD and 4K Videos

✔ Over 20K Searchable icons and stickers

✔ 200K+ Hi-Def Stock Images

✔ 500+ Motion Background Videos

✔ Over 15K Vector Graphics

✔ Over 10K Downloadable Animated Gifs

✔ Photoshop Like Image Editor

✔ Download files in desirable formats (JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF)

✔ 1-Click Social Sharing

✔ 10GB Cloud Storage to upload and edit your own images and videos

✔ Viral Quotes Collection

✔ Animated Characters

✔ Live Video Editor for creating Video Memes

✔ Green Screen Videos

✔ Animated Backgrounds

✔ PPT Templates

EbookStudio OTO

✔ In-Built Meme Editor

✔ Motion Backgrounds

✔ Voice Replacement in Videos

✔ Put Your own logo/watermark on videos

✔ Over 150K Searchable Stock Audios

✔ Over 3K Downloadable Stock Audio Assets

✔ Thousands of Sound Effects

✔ Step By Step Training

✔ Cloud-Based and Newby Friendly

✔ Commercial License to Serve Your Clients

Bundle offer

Use Coupon Code “ESBUNDLE50” for $50 Discount

✔ Access to EBookStudio + Bonuses + Commercial License

✔ Access to EBookStudio Pro + Bonuses + Commercial License

✔ Access to EBookStudio MarketPlace Builder + Commercial License

✔ Access to EBookStudio Agency – 250 Clients License


✔ Access to EBookStudio Pixa Upgrade + Bonuses + Commercial License

EbookStudio Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EbookStudio free to use?

EbookStudio is not a free service. Depending on their demands, users can select from a variety of price options.

Is EBookStudio a popular software with marketers?

Yes, you will be astounded by the number of marketers who use and adore EBookStudio.

Is there any training & support included?

Yes. When you purchase EBookStudio right now, you may quickly have access to our comprehensive training materials. If you have any questions, our technical professionals are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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