Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Review 2023: Is It Worth?

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 employs AI to streamline the content development process and save time without sacrificing quality. This article provides a review of Content Gorilla AI 2.0 and discusses how it can improve your writing.

Content Gorilla AI 2.0
Content Gorilla AI 2.0
CreatorNeil Napier
ProductContent Gorilla AI 2.0
Release Date21 Mar 2023
Policy14 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy
NicheBlog Post Creator

What is Content Gorilla AI 2.0?

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 helps customers create high-quality, unique content for their websites, blogs, social media, and other digital channels. It simplifies and speeds up content creation for articles, videos, social media postings, and more.

Content Gorilla AI 2.0’s AI algorithms can study and understand diverse themes and niches and generate content targeted for search engines and readers.

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 helps businesses and people create captivating content that engages audiences and drives website traffic.

How does Content Gorilla AI 2.0 work?

In just a few easy steps, Content Gorilla AI 2.0 can generate high-quality, original material utilizing sophisticated AI algorithms.

1. Topic Analysis

Users will type in a keyword or topic that is relevant to the material they are creating. Next, the AI algorithms assess the subject matter and offer recommendations on more reading.

2. Content Generation

Artificial intelligence algorithms produce original and high-quality material including articles, movies, and social media posts based on the input topic and associated subtopics.

3. Customization

The generated information can subsequently be modified by the user according to their preferences using various available templates, styles, and formatting tools.

Users can also enrich the information by including media like photos, videos, and links.

4. Publishing

After customizing the material, users can post the content to their website or social network accounts.

Watch this video to know more about Content Gorilla AI 2.0

What are the features of Content Gorilla AI 2.0?

1. Content Gorilla App

Mobile app creators and publishers alike will appreciate the convenience afforded by the Content Gorilla App.

2. Enhanced AI Algorithms

The updated algorithms in Content Gorilla AI allow it to produce content of an even higher standard and greater originality than before.

3. Customizable Templates

Blog articles, social media updates, and video scripts are just some of the content formats for which users may now select fully editable templates.

4. Multi-language Content Creator

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 makes global content creation easier by supporting different languages about 105 different languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc.

5. Advanced SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) technologies like as keyword research and analysis, optimized meta tags, and more are included in the latest edition of Content Gorilla AI.

6. Automatic Image Optimization

Now, the tool will automatically adjust settings to ensure that photos load quickly and display correctly across all devices.

7. Social Media Scheduling

Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more can now get content scheduled in advance.

8. Team Collaboration

Teams can now create, modify, and publish content together with the help of new collaboration features in Content Gorilla AI.

9. 24/7 Customer Support

Now, users may get help with any questions or problems they encounter while using the program from a dedicated support team available around the clock.

What are the Pros And Cons of Content Gorilla AI 2.0?

Pros of Content Gorilla AI 2.0

  • Users can save time and effort with Content Gorilla AI 2.0’s assistance while they produce high-quality content.
  • The program can be used effectively even by people who have never used it before.
  • For users that need to produce information in more than one language, the tool’s linguistic flexibility is a major plus.
  • Users may quickly find high-resolution images and movies to incorporate into their work using the integrated image and video finder.
  • Because of the built-in compatibility with WordPress and YouTube, users may quickly and easily share their creations on both sites.

Cons of Content Gorilla AI 2.0

  • While the program is useful for its ability to facilitate the rapid production of high-quality material, it lacks in flexibility in terms of personalization.
  • Those with the need to develop content for specialized niches may not benefit as much from the software.
  • It costs money to utilize this technology, and users will have to pay a subscription fee on a regular basis.

What are the Prices of Content Gorilla AI 2.0?

Check below the List of Prices of Content Gorilla AI 2.0

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Commercial$96 $37
Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Personal$67 $34

1. Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Commercial

  • Blog Boost (NEW!)
  • AI Content Detector (NEW!)
  • Multiple Sources (NEW!)
  • AI Image Generator (NEW!)
  • Article Outline Creator (NEW!)
  • Content From Outline (NEW!)
  • Artificial Intelligent Content Writing 100k words 
  • Artificial Intelligent Content Paraphrasing 
  • Content Calendar 
  • SEO Scoring For Headline & Content 
  • Flexible Search
  • Deep Search Filters
  • Quick Convert
  •  Correct Grammar Mistakes
  •  Auto Punctuator
  •  Find & Replace 
  •  Auto Images
  •  Featured Image
  •  Post Tags
  •  Social Content Syndication
  •  Social Post Image Builder
  •  Download The Content
  •  Quick Multi-Post
  •  Bulk Poster
  •  Post Archive
  •  Commercial License

2. Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Unlimited

Gorilla AI 2.0 Unlimited
  • UNLIMITED Text To Image
  • UNLIMITED A.I. Content Improvement
  • UNLIMITED Content Highlights Creation
  • Use On UNLIMITED Websites You Own
  • UNLIMITED Integrations
  • UNLIMITED Internal Linking
  • UNLIMITED Channel Scheduler
  • 100% Automation Of Content Creation
  • Publish Long-Form High-Authority Content

3. Content Gorilla AI 2.0 DFY Blogs

Gorilla AI 2.0 DFY Blogs
  • Instant access to 100 ready-to-go WordPress blogs
  • Deploy one or more monetizable sites in under 10 minutes
  • Make money with Adsense, Amazon affiliate links, or Clickbank/JVzoo/W+ affiliate offers
  • One-on-One Email Support & Training

4. Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Agency

Gorilla AI 2.0 Agency
  • Add up to 100 clients
  • Each account includes 50,000 AI words
  • Ability to add/edit/delete new users
  • Give Basic accounts to clients
  • Get paid affiliate commissions on recommending PRO account
  • Access to Full management panel
  • Access to new agency features
  • Charge whatever price you want
  • Access to Content Gorilla AI Agency course

5. Content University

Content University
  • 4 Weeks of content
  • Powerful Content Marketing Training
  • Learn the hows and whys to grow your business
  • Grow in your understanding of organic traffic
  • Stay on the cutting edge with the latest info


What languages does Content Gorilla AI 2.0 support?

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 support about 105 languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.

What payment methods does Content Gorilla AI 2.0 accept?

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 accepts payment by credit card or PayPal.

Is there a free trial available for Content Gorilla AI 2.0?

Yes, Content Gorilla AI 2.0 offers a 7-day free trial for all new users.

Can I use Content Gorilla AI 2.0 to create content for multiple websites or blogs?

Yes, you can use Content Gorilla AI 2.0 to create content for as many websites or blogs as you like.

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